Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Steelhead - the Last of Week 3

Along with big, bright fish, a great reason to fish the Spring is for the coastal mountain scenery - complete with snow capped peaks. All photos by Columbus Leth & Steffen Juhl
In our last post we posted a few photos from Jeff Bright's hosted week with his client Jim, Steffen Juhl and Columbus Leth.  We've since gotten a few of Steffen and Columbus' excellent photos and wanted to make sure that they received a wider audience than just us! 

Steffen with a chromer

Translucent fins = fresh

Columbus' big fish of the week!

Good Steelhead images wouldn't be complete without a rod/reel/fly shot...

Getting ready to go!  Jezz at Pioneer Lodge seeing the guests off in the morning...

Even after being landed, Spring fish still have lots of energy.

River transportation - ideal for skinny water

You know a fish is fresh, when...

High teens for Columbus!

We like it when the tape measure stretches this far...

Sky and Columbus with one of the 'smaller' ones for the week.

Now that fish has some shoulders...

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