Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fishing Coastal Rivers - with Henry Gilbey

Wait for it, wait for it… Guest Ken Morando swings through the dark water on a Spring coastal river. There’s nothing like seeing a flash in water like this, or your line tighten quickly. In all, it’s an extremely visual fishing experience and because the fish are typically found in smaller slots, you have a much more heightened sense of anticipation as your fly swings through the ‘fishy’ water. Henry Gilbey Photo

Last Spring we were fortunate to have renowned photographer Henry Gilbey tag along with a couple of guests and document their fishing over the course of a week, while targeting Spring Steelhead. Henry is a humble man, and at times we’ve heard him deflect comments about just how good his photos are. We will be posting several photos from Henry’s trip over the coming weeks, so will let you be the judge! And, of course, for more of Henry’s work, check out his website at:

Friday, February 15, 2013

Spring Steelhead 2013 - Prime Space Available!

Spring Steelhead - a variety of opportunities abound for what can be some of the largest fish of the year in the Skeena region.  Here's a big Steelhead in the high 20s landed by Yvonne Williams on the mainstem Skeena in mid-April from a few years back.  Mike Kenyon photo
There's no doubt that the Skeena region is best known for its Summer Steelhead fishing, particularly in September and October.  However, the lower Skeena region near Terrace, because of its close proximity to the Ocean, offers additional opportunities for Winter and Spring run fish in the big river itself, its tributaries, and small, not-to-be-named coastal rivers.  

If you are interested in seeing a different fishery that offers quality fishing on a variety of rivers, with the potential for some very large fish, you might want to consider our Spring fishery.  For more information, check out our general Spring Steelhead & Chinook brochure, or for a slightly different experience 'off the beaten path,' so to speak, our Adventure Steelhead brochure.  We recently had some last minute cancellations which have opened up space during prime weeks.  For more information or to book your trip, don't hesitate to get in touch at: or (250) 635-5295.