Monday, September 22, 2008

SkeenaWild Sockeye Salmon

Here at Nicholas Dean Lodge, we are all in support of selective commercial fisheries that promote the conservation of Steelhead, Coho and other non-target species. So when we recently heard that SkeenaWild Conservation Trust [a conservation-based group that encourages economic and ecologic sustainability within the Skeena watershed] was developing a pilot project for selling selectively harvested smoked Sockeye Salmon from the Skeena River, we had to jump on board. If you would like to purchase fresh Sockeye from SkeenaWild, be sure to contact us here at the lodge at (250) 635-5295 or Cost is $26.75 USD per fillet, with a minimum of 4 fillets per order. For more information on SkeenaWild, please go to: .

Promotion for the 2009 Season!

For those anglers who have thought about casting their favourite fly or lure in some of the most hallowed Steelhead and Salmon rivers in the world, this is your chance! Nicholas Dean Lodge is now offering a promotion for the 2009 season. In addition to having first choice for the best weeks in 2009, securing a deposit with the lodge prior to October 15, 2008 will enable you to book your trip for next year at the 2008 rates. With rising fuel and operational costs being what they are, the rates will be increasing for the 2009 season and will apply after October 15, 2008. Be sure to take advantage of this special pricing today by contacting the lodge at (250) 635-5295 or . photo