Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring Steelhead on the Skeena - a great video to start off the 2014 Season!

Last April, we hosted Steffen Juhl of Salmon Junkies, a company that provides outstanding trips for Atlantic Salmon on the world renowned Varzuga and Umba rivers.  We wanted to see what Steffen and photographer/videographer Columbus Leth thought about Spring Steelhead on the lower Skeena system, and perhaps how they might compare to their Atlantic cousins.  Turns out they enjoyed the fishing so much, they're coming back again in 2014 - this time for several weeks, and with a few friends in tow!  Here's a great video shot and filmed by Columbus - we think you'll agree that there's some pretty darn good stuff in there...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Steelhead - the Last of Week 3

Along with big, bright fish, a great reason to fish the Spring is for the coastal mountain scenery - complete with snow capped peaks. All photos by Columbus Leth & Steffen Juhl
In our last post we posted a few photos from Jeff Bright's hosted week with his client Jim, Steffen Juhl and Columbus Leth.  We've since gotten a few of Steffen and Columbus' excellent photos and wanted to make sure that they received a wider audience than just us! 

Steffen with a chromer

Translucent fins = fresh

Columbus' big fish of the week!

Good Steelhead images wouldn't be complete without a rod/reel/fly shot...

Getting ready to go!  Jezz at Pioneer Lodge seeing the guests off in the morning...

Even after being landed, Spring fish still have lots of energy.

River transportation - ideal for skinny water

You know a fish is fresh, when...

High teens for Columbus!

We like it when the tape measure stretches this far...

Sky and Columbus with one of the 'smaller' ones for the week.

Now that fish has some shoulders...

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Steelhead 2013 - Week 3

Jim Leithliter with a bright hen and a big smile
When the fishing is as good as it is in a particular week, at some point it will eventually slow down as river conditions change or fish move through the system.  Fortunately, this was not the case last week as we again had one of our best Spring weeks to date here at Nicholas Dean.  Agent, writer and photographer Jeff Bright, hosted the week, and along with him were guests Jim Leithliter, Steffen Juhl and Columbus Leth.  Steffen is no stranger to the international fishing community, nor is Columbus.  Steffen is the owner and CEO of Salmon Junkies, a company that offers first rate  Atlantic Salmon trips on the famed Kola peninsula, and Columbus is a professional photographer who specializes in portraits, food and outdoor photography, and more recently, high quality travel/destination videos.  To see some of his work, check out Columbus Leth Photography.  

Below are a few snap shots from our fishing this week, courtesy of Jim Leithliter; look for more to come shortly from Steffen and Columbus.  In the meantime be sure to check out the Salmon junkies blog for their first and second trip reports from last week.

When the fish are this nice, everyone wants to photograph them!

The definition of white chrome - translucent fins.
Guide Scott Young's new ride - a covered 18' Thunderjet, for riding in style - and warmth!

A bright hen for Jeff Bright, at 18 lbs

Scott Young and Jim Leithliter hold a mid teens fish from the last day

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Scott Young - the newest addition to the Nicholas Dean team

Scott Young - a super fishy guy and guide extraordinaire, with 18 lbs of chrome Spring perfection
We are pleased to announce that veteran Skeena guide, Scott Young, has joined our full time guiding staff this year.  Scott is a well respected guide from the Terrace region who brings a wealth of experience to the team.  He is an excellent caster, knows how to read water exceptionally well and is an all around fish magnet. Scott also has great communication skills and patience, and focuses on providing outstanding customer service, which makes him a real asset here at Nicholas Dean Outdoors. Welcome to the team, Scott!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Skeena Trips Just Got Cheaper!

Because of the recent changes from the federal Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) back to the old Government Sales Tax (GST) system in British Columbia, our trips have just gotten a slight break in price.  As of April 1, 2013, the GST is now in effect.  So, if you are a Canadian resident, taxes on trip costs will fall from 12% under the HST system to 5% for GST, and from 6% HST to 2.5% for GST if you're joining us from outside of Canada (including the non-resident rebate for tour packages). 

In the end, this means your total trip costs will be less, providing you with further savings on your trip - and more money in your pocket, which is always a good thing...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Steelhead Opener - Part 2

Craig Gnos with an 18 lb buck, his largest caught to date.  Well done, Craig!
Yesterday we mentioned that the fishing so far this year has been pretty darn good.  If you need a little more convincing, just check out some of these photos below from last week with Donald and Craig from California! 

It's been a season of bright and large fish to date, and we're just getting started!  Look for more updates on our Spring Steelhead season soon - including remote coastal Steelhead, and hopefully the first of the Spring Chinook... 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Steelhead Opener - At its Finest!

Now that's a big Steelhead!  Kris landed this 20 lb buck on his last day in Skeena Country.  It had been a goal of his to land a 20 lb fish on the fly and we are happy to have helped out.  Congrats, Kris! 
Simply put, it's been a fantastic start to our Spring Steelhead season here at Nicholas Dean.  Unseasonably warm temperatures, a good push of larger-than-average Spring fish in the rivers and happy guests have made the first two weeks of our season very successful.  If you are interested in getting in on this action, we do have a few last minute spaces available - inquire for more details and specific dates.  Check back here again soon - we'll be posting more photos from last week that you won't want to miss...
Another large buck for Kris, at 37 x 19.

Tonya with a bright hen from a long riffle.