Monday, August 18, 2008

Trophy Summer Steelhead on the Skeena

Chris Gilles and Chad Black pose with a chrome bright, trophy Summer Steelhead landed on the Skeena River early last week. It is now prime time for these large, strong fish and, because of ideal water temperatures, are often the "hottest" fish of the year. Noel Gyger Photo
Chris joined us this year for the first time as part of our Skeena Camp - a camp that is ideally situated on the banks of the Skeena River to intercept the strong runs of Summer Steelhead and Salmon that migrate upstream each year. With the ability to hook into Steelhead and all Salmon species, including Coho, Sockeye, Pink, Chinook and Chum, the camp is a fisherman's paradise where you can fish from early in the morning to late into the evening at your leisure. For more information, be sure to check out our Skeena Camp package and the incredible Summer Steelhead and Salmon fishing available this time of year on our website, Noel Gyger Photo