Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Steelhead Dry Flies - Fish Madman

The "Steelhead Skater" is a Nicholas Dean Lodge guide favourite and has caught many, many Steelhead off the top over the years.  The addition of a hitched tube - a method popularized in Europe for Atlantic Salmon fishing - will help increase the "wakability" of the fly and keep it on top even in fast water. Jesper Fohrmann photo

Dry fly fishing for Steelhead in the Summer and Fall on tributaries of the Skeena is one of the most exciting and desirable fishing experiences in our Steelhead calendar.  Whether it's waking dry flies in long, riffled pools or dead drifting dry flies to rising fish, there's nothing like seeing a Steelhead come up to the surface!  Having just received some outstanding dry flies on tubes from Jesper Fohrmann, you could say that I'm already anticipating this season!  Jesper runs Fish Madman, a website dedicated to anglers fishing dry fies and riffling hitches for Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead.  If you're looking for well tied dry flies for your fishing, or want to learn more about these flies and their tying methods, I encourage you to check out Fish Madman.

The Grantham Sedge is just one of those innovative patterns that's worked well for us over the years.  The original design has the deer hair wing tied down on a piece of weed wacker cord protruding past the hook eye, which helps stabilize the fly on the surface.  My guess is that this Grantham Sedge, tied on a hitched tube will do just fine too!  Jesper Fohrmann photo

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